‘Coronil not a medicine’: Uttarakhand IMA points out at Ramdev’s therapy

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Indian Medical Association’s Uttarakhand wing has strongly opposed including Patanjali Ayurved’s Coronil in the Covid-19 kit given by the Uttarakhand government. The doctor’s body iterated that the World Health Organization has not given any approval for Coronil and neither has the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) given any approval for the drug. However, Coronil has been given recognition by Ayush Vibhag of central government  as a food supplement and not as a drug or medicine claimed by Baba Ramdev on national television programmes in hourly advertisements, as written by Ajay Khanna, state secretary of IMA Uttarakhand to the chief secretary of the state.

This move comes at a time when IMA is against Baba Ramdev over his derogatory comments on Allopathy. IMA has also filed a complaint against Ramdev and directed a legal notice to him for the same.

With this ongoing war of words, Patanjali had presented a proposal to include Coronil in the Covid-19 kit by the Uttarakhand state government. IMA termed it as medically wrong, as it involves mixing Ayurveda with Allopathy.

The IMA stated, “Addition of Coronil with allopathic drugs shall amount to mixopathy that is a cocktail of Allopath and Ayurved which is not permitted as per the rulings of the honourable Supreme Court. Apart from the Apex Court, several high courts of various states have also ruled that mixopathy is not allowed.”

After its launch, Coronil has been stirred up into several controversies with the Uttarakhand government having stated last year about Patanjali being given the license to manufacture an immunity booster, and not medicines for treatment of Covid-19.

The kit was launched at Rs 545, consisting of Coronil tablet, Swasari vati and Anu Taila. Recently, the Haryana government declared about distribution of one lakh free kits of Coronil for the Covid-19 positive people in Haryana.

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