Covid -19 vaccination drive in Beijing vaccinates thousands

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As the Chinese New Year Mass travel season is just a month away, thousands of people were queued to receive the dose if the Covid-19 vaccine in Beijing as China is inching towards completing the vaccination drive of as many as possible.

Over 73,000 people in Beijing have been administered the Covid-19 vaccine’s first dose in the last couple of days which also comprises of community workers and bus drivers, as reported by the state media on Sunday.

On New Year’s eve in China, the health authorities had passed a condition approval for the Covid-19 vaccine candidate developed by Chinese company Sinopharm with the efficacy of 79 per cent.

The CCTV footage shown in the state broadcast displayed people standing in queues outside the local hospitals and community centres where they were waiting to read the consent forms and let their body temperatures be measured prior to being vaccinated.

The health officials revealed that gyms and vacated factories were being utilized as the centres or units for the vaccination drive.

As many as 4.5 million doses have been administered by Beijing to the health workers and state employees working in overseas job though the vaccines have not been proven to be so effective.

China is now working to prioritize the vaccination based on the requirement of the people who will be more prone to the exposure which includes port and logistic workers and people who are planning to return to studies abroad.

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