Karnataka to utilize blockchain for the purpose of registering properties

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The state of Karnataka will have a more secure and hassle-free system for property registration as the government is working towards a system based on blockchain technology which will be utilized for online property documentation.

The latest system developed along with the assistance from IIT-Kanpur, ensures a wide storage capacity of the data pertaining to property via blockchain. This signifies that the data which is stored once cannot be altered, which thus puts an end to the concerns related to impersonation and unauthorized tweaking of records.

The system has been given an approval by the revenue department revealed Additional Chief Secretary, Rajeev Chawla and also said it would be ready in the next four months. “Unless authorised, no official will be able to tamper with the data,” Rajeev said.

The property holders will be assigned a specific card called the property card, which is much similar to the ATM card and can be accessed via a PIN. The property transaction details can be further given an access only when there is authentication done with the PIN number or the digital key of the user.

An expert working on the project said, “The content in the blockchain will be locked through this card. The card acts like a locker. Unless the card-based consent is provided, nobody will be able to modify the data.”

According to the user’s perspective, the system will function to protect the property data and also eliminate the hassles associated to storage of the hard copies. The user can swipe the card at citizen service centres like Bangalore One and then download or print the same.

The objective of the new system is to strengthen the current portal Kaveri of the revenue department.

The expert further stated, “The identification of a property database in a sub registrar’s office will become easy. Right now, Kaveri depends on human discretion for verification of identity and ownership. A sub-registrar’s office will authenticate all this. The new technology will reduce human discretion as the cards will prove your identity and authentication.” In the previous year, the data related to 300 properties was jeopardized in the Kaveri portal. It was later out in open with the internal audit report on the Department of Stamps and Registration that officials who were technically proficient had misused the portal.

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