Delhi govt introduces ‘Red Light on, gadi off’ campaign to control air pollution

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The Delhi Government is launching a new campaign known as “Red light on, gadi (vehicle) off” on Wednesday to work on controlling the rise of the air pollution in the city. This comes as an attempt by the state government as the national capital continues to have deteriorating quality of air.

To build awareness about the campaign and to reach out to the people in Delhi, the civil defence volunteers were approaching people with roses and driving them with requests to be a part of the campaign and adhere by the traffic guidelines. This should specially involve switching off the engine of their automobiles when the signal shows red light.

The citizens are taking in the initiative in the positive spirit. It was noted at the Supreme Court traffic signal, a commuter, followed the campaign thereby turning of the engine of his car when he signal got red. “I believe this will reduce a lot of air pollution in Delhi,” said Jeetu.

A recent report about the increased levels of air pollution in Delhi was released, which connected the pollution with the people using more private transport due to the risk of being infected with Covid-19 and less utilization of public transport.

Considering the present scenario, the level of air pollution is persistently poor on Wednesday, with the air quality index at 103, in he poor category with 57 ug/m3 PM 2.5 and 66 ug/m3 PM 10 matter.

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