Police Commemoration Day 2020: Amit Shah honors the police force, appreciates their battle against Covid-19

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On the occasion of Police Commemoration Day, Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, honored the police force and their relentless efforts, for those who sacrificed their lives for the country at the National Police Memorial.

Addressing the occasion at National Police Memorial in New Delhi, Amit Shah revealed a total of 343 police personnel died during India’s on-going battle with Covid-19.

Amit Shah commenced his address by talking about the sacrifices of the police personnel. He said, “35,398 police personnel have sacrificed their lives from independence till today. I want to tell their family members that this memorial is not made up only of bricks, stones and cement, it also reminds the country that every single drop of the martyrs’ blood has taken India forward on the path of development.”

“Policemen have to be alert 24×7 even during festivals. When people celebrate festivals, a policeman still has to be on duty,” he further added.

About the efforts of the police force to stop the contagion of the Covid-19 infection, the home minister stated, “As home minister, I can proudly say that during lockdown, whenever needed, police personnel were there to provide help. Indian police fought against Covid-19 as frontline warriors, and the whole country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well, have appreciated them.”

In his address, Amit Shah also honored the contributions of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawans, who were killed during the Hot Springs in Ladakh by Chinese forces on October 21, 1959. It is to commemorate their sacrifices for the country that October 21 is celebrated as Police Commemoration Day.

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