Farmer’s protests blocks Bengaluru roads

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In a strong protest against amendments for Land Revenue Act and APMC Act passed in Parliament, hundreds of farmers are collectively protesting on the blocked highways in and around Bengaluru blocking the city.

A joint union together of 35 farmers – Ryot, Dalit, Labourers Aikya Horata Samithi and Dalit and trade unions have initiated the protests. This has completely affected the movement of vehicles leading to traffic in Nayandahalli and Gorguntepalya junction.

Alongside, on Mysuru Road and Tumakuru Road, sugarcane growers have blocked the roads and indulged into protesting against anti-farmer, anti-Dalit and anti-labourers stand.

The traffic police are channelizing a systematic flow of the vehicles near the city roads though the major highways have slow-moving traffic and gridlocks. 

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