Fine of Rs 500 for two-wheelers lacking rearview mirror, working indicator in Bengaluru

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The Bengaluru Traffic Police on Friday has declared a fine worth Rs 500 for two-wheelers devoid of a rearview mirror or a working indicator. The Bengaluru traffic police revealed the accidents comprising two-wheelers lead to most of the accidents in the city, according to a press release issued.

The police identified that the harm caused in the accidents is to the riders of the two-wheeler users, as the riders avoid wearing helmets. Also, it is crucial to take action for those who ride without the rearview mirror or a working indicator added the press release.

While speaking to TNM, an official from the traffic police planning division stated, “In the data gathered recently we have come to know that accidents involving two-wheelers are many times caused as there is no rearview mirror which would allow the rider to know what other vehicles are behind their vehicle. Indicators are also extremely important for other vehicles to know if the rider intends to turn.”

Prior to enforcing the rule, the traffic police wanted to create awareness about the issue and take up several programmes with the intent of educating the riders about the importance of rearview mirrors. The official further added, “Before just implementing this as a rule, we plan to educate people on why having a rearview mirror and a working indicator is so crucial to prevent accidents. When a rider doesn’t use indicator lights before turning, the other riders might not know he wants to turn and could lead to a collision. In traffic, a rider cannot turn his head around to see who is behind, so to know his surroundings, he has to use a rearview mirror. If he makes a blind move that could also lead to a collision.”

The traffic police wishes to reduce the harm caused to human lives by imposing the rule and taking action against the two-wheelers who don’t comply with it.

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