Five Bangladeshis and 12 Indians were caught and arrested by BSF for illegally over-passing the border

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Five individuals from Bangladesh along with the 12 Indian citizens were caught and arrested by Border Security Force (BSF) personnel in different incidents, for illegally moving through the Indo-Bangla border located in the Nadia district of West Bengal, according to the statement given by the paramilitary force.

The BSF issued an official statement on Friday stating five nationals from Bangladesh and 12 Indians, inclusive of one tout, were caught by the border guard when they were unlawfully crossing over to the Indian side in the vicinity of the Ramnagar outpost located in Nadia district on Thursday.

The caught individuals later blurted out about their earlier movement of crossing the border, which was the border at the Benapole area to visit their relatives who were residing in Bangladesh and then, were coming back to India.

Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi’s revealed they had crossed the border with the intention of going to Bengaluru where they would work as laborers. The caught individuals have been handed over to the Hanskhali police station.

In yet other case, one Indian citizen was apprehended along with 10 cattle were seized by a patrolling BSF team from the Khasmahal outpostm, which happened on the same day. The Indian citizen had the plan of smuggling the cattle to Bangladesh, and some other persons were also involved in the incident. Howver, all the other individuals escaped, and only one man was apprehended. The seized cattle is estimated to cost Rs. 2,25,230 in the local market.

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