Over 150 moved out from Russian Coronavirus hospital as fire broke out

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Over 150 patients were moved out from the Coronavirus hospital in Russia’s city called Chelyabinsk, which is in the southern Urals as fire broke out along with oxygen explosion, said the Emergency Ministry.

The ministry revealed the fire was triggered by an explosion that happened in an “oxygen booth” in a dormitory that was being utilized as a temporary hospital. The ministry revealed the data stating 158 patients had been vacated and admitted to various other hospitals in the city.

According to the elementary information, no injuries were reported. The Healthcare ministry iterated that those 158 patients were subjected to treatment in other clinics and though the fire broke out, there were no severe injuries or casualties.

Rumors were rife regarding the death of two patients. However, the Governor of Chelyabinsk region has blatantly refuted the death reports, clarifying the death happened before the explosion and fire, as reported by the TASS news agency.

Over the past six months, various incidents were reported regarding malfunction of the Coronavirus equipment. Earlier, in May, a fire was invoked by an overloaded ventilator, which took the lives of five Covid-19 patients in intensive care unit in St. Petersburg, further questioning the safety of Russia’s Covid-19 equipment.

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