Former PM of Malta resigns from Parliament over murder of a journalist

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Former Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat has quit the Parliament by duly giving the resignation on Monday post addressing a speech of 90 seconds which consisted of all the accomplishments attained by him throughout.

Through the constant pressure invoked on him by activists and political opposition, he had quit the post of prime minister in January. The rising pressure was over the allegations that he had protected the accused people linked in the 2017 murder case of journalist Daphne Caruana Galiza.

The former prime minister always refrained from wrong doing and was neither subjected to charges or conviction.

Joseph Muscat, had served as the leader of Labour Party in 2008, from there, he went on to become the prime minister in 2013. He had another victory in 2017, with the economic boost alternating the budget deficit in Malta to surplus zone and nearly eradicated unemployment.

Joseph’s resignation move comes weeks post his ex-chief of staff, Keith Schembri was taken into custody on the grounds of alleged money laundering related tonsale of Maltese passports.

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