Packed private buses in Bengaluru making a mockery of social distancing amid Covid-19 pandemic

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Photo Credits: Deccan Herald/ B H Shivakumar

The private buses in Bengaluru are ridiculing the ‘new normal’ by completely adjourning the new regulations of social distancing by filling in with travelers without any restraining limit.

The buses appear to have too much crowd standing in vicinity without any distancing measures which where implemented to contain the spread of Coronavirus. This is a very dangerous act, thereby risking the lives of hundreds of people commuting via the private buses in the main city.

The frequent travelers in the crowded buses were photographed around the Tumakuru Road, who are the daily wagers, working in the industrial area in Peenya. Violating the BMTC rules f having only 30 passengers, the private buses, though being comparatively smaller in size, have as many as 50 passengers.

Pratibha R, from a workers’ union stated, “They don’t get paid much beyond the minimum monthly wage of Rs 8,500. The BMTC fares, which can go up to Rs 30 daily, are unaffordable for them.”

It is not just the price factor but the regularity of buses is another parameter, as noted by Vinay Srinivasa representing the Bengaluru Bus Prayanikara Vedike (BBPV), “In Covid times, every rupee matters. But it is also about the higher frequency and more stops allowed by private vehicles. BMTC can address this by increasing its schedules. Instead, even the existing fleet is reduced.” Earlier too, the private buses have been reported to be highly unregulated taking fir granted the powerful people own have its ownership. Regarding the regular commuting of workers, Pratibha added, “For them it is a matter of their livelihoods. They annot afford to stay home fearing Covid.”

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