Garbage evacuation simplified in Bengaluru by vehicle collection apps

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In a relief to the city residents, BBMP has developed a new mobile application for tracking the Garbage collecting vehicles. This will prevent the long waiting queues of the civilians.

BBMP Commissioner, Manjunatha Prasad mentioned that citizens can utilize the application for tracking the location of Garbage truck and the estimated time to reach their houses.

The civilians can also register any specific complaints via the application if the truck misses any of their houses.

He further mentioned about a new project, “Our Garbage, Our Responsibility” to be implemented by BBMP for opening up new compost units at every ward and the wet waste will be converted to compost. The BBMP is also planning to set up a 1,000 KW capacity plant near Seegehalli and Kannahalli and BBMP will give orders for setting up two plants in Mavelipuram and one in Doddabidarakallu.

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