New Zealand puts an end to the pandemic restrictions except for Auckland

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden declared on Monday about easing out restrictions throughout the country but not for Auckland as it is hit by a second wave of the virus infection.

Jacinda Arden mentioned about the restrictions for Auckland which includes allowing a gathering of 100 people though it needs time before taking off complete restrictions.

In an interview with the reporters at Auckland, she stated, “Our actions collectively managed to get the virus under control… This was the centre of the outbreak and that’s why the caution is needed here.”

This comes after the country of 5 million had declared to be free of Coronavirus transmission earlier. And, now fresh cases have been recorded in Auckland in August which invoked the government to take the decision.

Presently, now fresh cases have been reported on Monday and it’s total count of Covid-19 cases in the country tally to 1,464 and the death count stands at 25 people.

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