Gender gap reported in Karnataka’s govt job representation

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As per the government report released on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the data reveals that Karnataka has quite lower representation of women in the public services and higher levels of government job.

According to the SDG index, Karnataka has the seventh rank in India for gender equality. However, the same does not follow in terms of women’s representation in public services. From the data contained in the SDG report, IAS has 29% women representatives, 28.46% for the High Court judges, IFS has 13%, 7% as female police officers and only 3.57 % as members of State Legislative Assembly.

The report stated, “Women’s participation in decision-making process is a basic requirement of their empowerment. To enable the state to function as women’s agency, political participation of women is essential. Participation of women in governance offers options for women to utilise state resources and services for their development.”

Gender equality is the prime concern of a committee  led by retired IAS officer Neela Gangadharan working to meet the target of 50% women in the government jobs by 2030 and raise to 33% in state legislature.

It is a much better situation with respect to local self-government women’s representation with 51.6 % in gram panchayats and taluk panchayats and around 50.6 % in zilla panchayats.

The proposed initiative is to increase the access of women to higher education and training for competitive examination. Another concern raised by an IPS officer is, “Along with ensuring reservation, what women officials need is to be given their due by recognising them for their good work.”

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