NASA contemplates on a potential mission to Venus after discovery of life

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NASA has been contemplating on approving two planetary science missions from four proposals under review. The approvals consist of a possible mission to Venus for scientists wish to confirm about the presence of life on the planet.

On Monday, an international research team revealed the evidence obtained about the probability of microbes residing amid the harshly acidic Venusian clouds which was traces of a gas called phosphine which is normally produced on Earth by bacteria inhabiting oxygen-free environments. This was a substantial evidence about life beyond the realms of Earth.

The journey to search life beyond Earth was not focused until now on Venus. But, NASA had launched a next-generation rover in July to search traces of any possibility of life on Mars.

NASA had shortlisted four missions in February, which are now under review by the panel, two of them would involve robotic probes to Venus. One from them is called DAVINCI+, which would be probed to Venusian atmosphere.

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