Gilead to deliver another 50,000 vials of Remdesivir in upcoming days

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US pharma giant Gilead Sciences’ is expected to deliver another consignment having 50,000 vials of Remdesivir, the antiviral drug used for the treatment of Covid-19, in the upcoming days revealed certain sources.
The injection Remdesivir has been granted emergency use authorization in India and constitutes a part of the national clinical treatment protocol for Covid-19. A source requesting anonymity stated, “Around 1,50,000 doses were already shipped a few days back to Mumbai, and another consignment of about 50,000 vials (2 consignments of 25k each) is about to land in another couple of days.”
With the current worsening situation of Covid-19, India presently has an overwhelming effect on the healthcare system of the country and to meet the shortage of oxygen supply with the rapid increase in the demand, Gilead Sciences holding the patent for the drug has declared that the company will donate 4,50,000 vials of the injection to the Indian government as an assistance till the domestic production was accelerated.
The company has made a collaboration with KlinEra Global Services that had received the market approval and further import the license of the drug, converting them as the authorized distributor partner of the Gilead in India.
The donation will be for a completely zero cost for the Indian government. The person said, “The scaling up takes time—at least three to four weeks— which is why the company decided to bridge the gap by making supplies in the interim period.”
Besides the donating vials, the company also declared that it will catering to its voluntary licensing partners with technical help, to accelerate the production for the exponential surge in the cases. Johanna Mercier, chief commercial officer, Gilead Sciences had stated earlier, “The recent surge of Covid-19 cases in India is having a devastating impact on communities and has created unprecedented pressure on health systems.”
Mercier further stated, “We are committed to doing our part to help tackle this crisis. Our immediate focus is to help address the needs of patients in India who may benefit from Remdesivir as quickly as we can by working together with the government, health authorities and our voluntary licensees.”

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