India convicts use of violence in Myanmar, appeals for release of political prisoners

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India on Friday convicted the prevalence of violence in Myanmar considering the requirement for the rule to prevail and appealed for the release of political prisoners and iterated it supported any probable efforts towards resolving it.

While addressing a media briefing, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “We condemn any use of violence. We believe that the rule of law should prevail. We stand for the restoration of democracy in Myanmar. We’ve urged the release of political prisoners & supported any attempts at resolving the current situation including efforts through ASEAN.”

Bagchi further said, “We (India) remain engaged on this issue with our international interlocutors and at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), in an effort to play a balanced and constructive role.”

Regarding the border issue with Myanmar, Bagchi commented, “As far as border crossings are concerned, we are dealing with it as per our laws and humanitarian considerations.”

Myanmar’s military seized power in the country on February 1 thereby declaring a one-year state of emergency and assuring to take action against alleged voter fraud amid the general elections scheduled for November 8.

Over 500 people were killed amid the junta’s crackdown against anti-coup protesters and a count of 2,600 people have been detained. A minimum of 114 people who were protesting got killed by the junta last week, which also comprises a 13 year-old who was killed in the house post the armed forces invoked fire incident in residential regions of Meikhtila. 

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