India will cater to liquid oxygen need of Nepal in 8 – 10 days: Ambassador Kwatra

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With the rising Covid-19 crisis, several countries are lacking the required medical infrastructure, Nepal is experiencing a severe shortage of oxygen supply with the surge in cases, India has taken the stand and will be supplying tankers of liquid oxygen to Nepal.

Amid a virtual event organized on Monday, Indian ambassador to Nepal Vinay Mohan Kwatra stated the liquid oxygen will be delivered to Nepal sent from India within a span of 8-10 days.

Ambassador Kwatra revealed, “India will continue helping and assisting Nepal at the hour of crisis. 2.3 million doses of Covishield vaccine have already been delivered. Within another 8 to 10 days, tankers with liquid oxygen would arrive in Nepal.”

During an inaugural session of an isolation centre in the capital city of Kathmandu, Kwatra also said the current Covid-19 pandemic can be combated only with the collaboration and combined efforts of the government along with the individuals and communities.

The new isolation centre set up at Agrawal Bhawan in Kathmandu will have the capacity of treating 90 Covid-19 affected people with two people per room.

Meanwhile, Nepal on Monday registered 214 deaths related to Covid-19 and a 9,198 count of fresh cases, raising the overall caseload to 464,218, according to the reports of the Himalayan Times.

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