India’s Covid-19 peak expected around next week: Scientists

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Amid the ongoing second wave of Covid-19 pandemic in India, it has been anticipated that the Covid-19 cases in the country will peak around May 3-5 based on the mathematical model of a team of scientists who recommended the government, a few days prior to the estimated as the virus is having a rapid transmission.

India has recorded over 300,00 for nine consecutive days in a row and has crossed another global record with 386,452 cases on Friday.

The spike in the daily cases led to public health crisis, for resolving it the government is trying to procure medical oxygen, medicines, along with other essentials from different countries. M.Vidyasagar, head of a government allotted group of scientists modelling the trajectory of infections revealed to Reuters, “Our belief is that by next week, the daily new cases nationwide would have peaked.”

Vidyasagar told the group had already informed the senior government officials amid a presentation dated April 2 about the peak of the Covid-19 cases to be observed during May 5 – 10.

He said, “We said (at that presentation) that it was not a matter of putting up some structures that would come up in July or August, because by then the wave will have ended.”

“Try to figure out how we’re going to fight the fight for the next four to six weeks, that was the message. Don’t waste a lot of time putting up long-term solutions because your problem is right now.”

India had observed Covid-19 peak in mid-September with 97,894 cases and presently, in the second wave the country is reporting three times the number. However, Vidyasagar reported that the actual count of infections is 50 times more, as several people who have been infected show no symptoms.

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