J&J commences in UK the two-dose trial of its potential Covid-19 vaccine candidate

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Johnson and Johnson has commenced a recent late-stage trial in Britain on Monday for evaluating and assessing the testing of a two-dose regimen of its potential Covid-19 vaccine candidate in thousands of participating volunteers, as the U.S. based pharmaceutical company makes a move to launch the drug and conduct its trials in other countries as well.

From UK, as many as 6,000 participants will be selected from a total count of 30,000 volunteers globally revealed the scientists working on the UK trials. There will be volunteers chosen from 17 different regions of the UK.

Saul Faust, a professor teaching the paediatric immunology and infectious diseases, is co-leading the clinical trials at the University of Southampton. He said, the first dose administered might be placebo or the vaccine shot, presently known as Ad26COV2, following which the second dose or placebo will be administered after 57 days.

J & J had formalized an agreement of two-doses in the phase 3 trial with the British government for the month of August, which will running adjacent to 60,000 person trials for the single shot which was instituted for September.

When the single-shot trials would give positive results, the company revealed its strategy of simplifying the circulation of millions of doses in contrast with the leading competitors who require two doses. Earlier, last week, competitors Pfizer and BioNtech revealed the 90 per cent efficacy was exhibited by their potential vaccine candidate in the late stage trials. Faust stated, “It’s really important that we pursue trials of many different vaccines from many different manufacturers and be able then to ensure the supply both to the UK and global population.”

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