Karnataka deliberates on establishing laws to audit online games

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The Karnataka Government has been constantly deliberating on introducing a new law for auditing online games in the state. While addressing the media in Bengaluru on Friday, state home minister Basavaraj Bommai revealed about a draft bill was curated for keeping a track on online games. He also nodded in positive regarding the state government to take measures for the same.

Bommai said, “The bill formulation is underway and is in the draft stage. The law department will present the bill in the cabinet after it is analysed.” He further added that the bill will be presented in the near future.

The various states have their specific provisions where they have given a section to online games which may be encompassed into the categories like “game of skill” and “game of chance” said Bommai, adding that there are a few games who have acquired the license and there are others been banned completely.

He further mentioned that the Karnataka government will be formulating the laws after doing a detail study of the laws curated by other states regarding the same.

Bommai also gave his opinion about the illegal activities happening in the prisons of Karnataka and that he had issued an order for departmental inquiry and a report will be presented soon. He revealed that he has directed the Director General of Police to take action against the people mentioned in the report.

He also spoke about the issues regarding the salaries of police officers and about the basic pay mentioned over the sixth pay commission which has been rectified. He added, “We are taking measures to ensure that policemen do not face any difficulties.”

On February 4, Tamil Nadu took the call of banning the online gambling in the state with amendment in the laws, which was promulgated by the Governor in November 2020.

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