Karnataka HC instructs stringent action for mask rule infringement

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The Karnataka High Court on Friday guided the state government to give upgraded regulations to the authorities for taking stringent actions against the people who are infringing the elementary guidelines of ensuring social distancing and wearing a masks.

As Karnataka is recording 9,000 cases on a daily basis, the bench led by Judge Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka directed the guidelines. While referring the report submitted by state government, the bench indicated a count of 19,500 cases of people refraining from wearing a mask in the BBMP limits was way too low. It was reported that people would avoid masks even in the premises of Vidhan Soudha. With reference to the violations by VIPs, the bench pestered the state government to submit a better report. The bench stated, “Though the issue raised relates to specific instances relating to dignitaries, what is more, important is that the rule of compulsory wearing a mask must be followed by all. The political leaders and actors should set an example which could be followed by the members of the public.”

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