February 7, 2023

Karnataka holds second position for COVID-19 positive medical staff

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Karnataka has taken up the second position in the country to have the most number of COVID- 19 positive healthcare staff following Maharashtra. The count of virus-infected medical staff has reached to as high as 12,260 and 46 have died with the severity. As per the Indian Council of Medical Reserach (ICMR), the infected healthcare staff comprises of doctors, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists, allied healthcare workers and Group D staff.

The ICMR data states that 11 % of the tested healthcare workers have been found to be positive.

Precaution measures

The hospitals with COVID – 19 department in Bengaluru Hospital Infection Control Committees (HICCs) for preventing the contagion. Health Commissioner Pankaj Kumar Pandey stated that, “Regular training are organized every fortnight”

Though the infection spread is higher, death is relatively less in major dedicated COVID – 19 hospitals.

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