Karnataka has a longer battle to meet Sustainable Development Goals

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Karnataka will have to prepare for a whopping sum of ₹ 9.87 lakh crore for
accomplishing the targets of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) by 2030. The state is currently facing a tough battle with issues in hand such as poverty, hunger, gender equality and other issues. From the 400 page vision document curated by the government, Karnataka will require ₹ 9.87 lakh crore for attaining the targets. Though, as per the present expenditure, the government would additionally require ₹ 1.98 lakh crore over the
decade to meet the goals.
SDG index
The SDG index for Karnataka in 2019 was much lower as compared to 2018 as per the NITI Aayog. Marking from 100, on parameters of poverty, hunger, gender equality, industry infrastructure and innovation, and sustainable city areas, the state has scored below 49. Karnataka has stooped below the national average for 14 other goals. Particularly, Karnataka has been below the national average for the proportion of households having health insurance, the yearly dropout of children from secondary education, the percentage of transgender labor as compared to males, and HIV cases
per 1000 uninfected. Hunger is a major issue for 14 districts particularly northern Karnataka.
The report mentioned the requirements of the government to prioritize budgetary sources and align programmes and policies as per SDGs.

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