Karnataka police officials captured on camera attacking vendors over violating lockdown protocols

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The social media platforms were flooded with the visuals of the police officials attacking the vegetable vendors and shopkeepers in the Haveri district of Karnataka on Monday. The cops supposedly took to violence as the roadside vendors violated the Covid-19 lockdown protocols and kept the shops open even after 10 am.
Presently, the state of Karnataka is under stringent lockdown with clear guidelines given for the shopkeepers and vendors to be functional from 6 am to 10 am. But, the sale of vegetables and fruits over pushcarts and HOPCOMS is given permit from 6 am to 6 pm.

The roadside vendors would ideally fit into the category of pushcart vendors. The viral video consisted of the cops attacking the ones who had entered the market to buy the supplies along with the sellers via colored PVC or rubber pipes and also observed arguing with women sellers and a man on the street.
A similar incident happened at Gandhinagar in Bengaluru, where the officials were forcing the sellers to close their shutters before 10 am on Monday, In a video, Nagaraja, a seller stated, “Officials came before 10 am and shut our shops. How do we make our living with this deadline? We carry our business by maintaining physical distance and also keep sanitiser.”

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