October 1, 2022

Karnataka private teachers push through vegetable carts to survive through the Covid-19 pandemic

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Thousands of private school teachers of Karnataka were protesting in Bengaluru on Wednesday to appeal for their demands.

The teachers initiated their protest from Maurya Circles and marched along Freedom Park, to garner the attention of the state government.

The teachers protest was innovative, as they pushed over the vegetable carts during the march, rather than blocking the road and inducing traffic at the Central Business District.  The teachers, amid the march, acted as marketing executives, a reflection of how their lives altered with schools failing to pay their salary amid the pandemic.

Teachers were also observed to be carrying aloft cards stating their condition, where they have been forced to work as delivery agents, marketing agents, security guards, to survive through the pandemic. The protests have been headed by the Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka.

A protesting teacher revealed her ordeal, “I had no option but to sell vegetables and fruits on the street as the schools remained closed and the management was unable to pay salaries.”

Another teacher revealed, “: “I’m working as a farm laborer in my hometown. I don’t think I’ll get back to teaching.”

The government did announce schemes for auto rickshaw and taxi drivers but the teachers were completely neglected. The teachers further added, “We, too, have families and responsibilities to fulfill. Many of us are struggling to earn our daily bread.”

The protest was requested to called off as Home minister Bommai and Revenue minister R Ashoka visited the protests and revealed that the government will take necessary steps supporting the teachers.

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