Karnataka’s average insurance claim per Covid-19 patient estimates to Rs. 1.56 lakh

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The state of Karnataka has registered over 9 lakh Covid-19 cases and the pandemic has put a pressure on the financial threshold of every household affected, as the expenditure incurred while treatment has been mostly paid by the person without much contribution from insurance claims. And, it is time, the insurance companies settle the bills of many patients.

As per the data revealed by the Karnataka’s General Insurance Council data. The Covid-19 patients of the state have urged for 57,207 insurance claims which estimate to around Rs 893 crore. From the above figure, as many as 44,412 claims have been settled, which amounts to Rs. 414 crore.

From the total claims, 52,343 have been discharged0s from the hospital post recovery, 3,992 are under treatment presently and around 872 have lost their lives. The average amount estimated to be insurance claim for a Covid-19 patient is Rs. 1,56,087 and the average amount for the insurance settlement is Rs. 93,246.

The families of the 7 per cent died patients have asked for insurance claims.

“Doctor’s fees alone constitute 25% of the bill in Karnataka,” said Sanjeev Mysore, Convenor, Project Jeevan Raksha.

From the total claims received from the state, the capital city Bengaluru has 10,174 claims pending which amounts to Rs. 154.54 crore, from which, 8,602 claims worth Rs 80.72 crore have been settled.

Alongside, Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST), which is beneath the state health department that implements Ayushman Bharat Arogya Karnataka had a slightly different data. From the 894 hospitals comprising it catering to Covid-19 treatment, 216 are government and 678 are private hospitals.

“We have so far approved pre-authorizations of more than 1.32 lakh Covid patients,” said Dr Manjunath B, director, SAST. Another SAST official stated, “While we have paid more than Rs 209 crore, claims worth more than Rs 123 crore are pending and claims worth more than Rs 39 crore have been approved, but payment is in the pipeline.”

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