Karnataka to cut out textbook content that hurts the sentiments of Brahmins

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The Karnataka government has issued an order to deduct some content from the social science textbooks of class 6th, as a move to resolve the issues triggered after the Brahmin Development Board filed a complaint about the context, stating it was an “insult” to the Brahmin community.

Alongside, S Suresh Kumar, the Primary and Secondary Education Minister, has directed a note to the top officials of the department and issued the orders to a committee formed comprising of teachers and experts who will be assigned the duty to review the contents in the social science and language textbooks from class 1 to 10 and further present a report based on their analysis in a period of 15 days for taking the necessary actions.

The step was taken as a delegation from the Brahmin Development Board filed a petition to Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa regarding the same and iterated about the context being an insult to the Brahmin community.

Suresh Kumar, in a Facebook post, has written to bring clarity that any revision or addition of any text has not been done after the current government took charge of thd power. He further said, “I have promised to the seer that the blunder that has taken place in the past and has come to light now will be rectified immediately.”

The content in the social science textbook, while highlighting the formation and origin of new religions, revealed that Sanskrit was the language of the priests, which was not interpreted by the common man, as written in the note.

Based on the context of the textbook, the reason for food scarcity was due to fire rituals performed called ‘homa’ and ‘havana’ which consists of offering huge quantities of food grains, milk, ghee and various other materials.

He further pointed on the sacrificing animals’ part which was helpful for the farmers in cultivation, further contributed to it.

While deliberating on the content highlighted, Suresh Kumar added in his note that such portions and context was not required and was of a higher level than required for the assigned age group who was taught that.

He further added that such content being provocative in nature will invoke a lot of confusion in the society and simultaneously hurt the sentiments of people representing a particular community or society.

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