Karnataka updates the discharge policy for Covid-19

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The Government of Karnataka along with the Government of India (GoI) has updated the discharge policy considering the present scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent scientific evidence about the virus. The updated policy has been invoked by the current findings about the patients having symptoms which are resolved and may still be Covid-19 positive by RT-PCR for several weeks as iterated in a updated circular by Government of Karnataka.

So, the reports might reveal such patients to be Covid-19 positive, however, in the real essence, they are not infectious and will not transmit the virus. The Supreme Court of India has issued an order to all the states to strictly follow the protocols given by the Government of India for the discharge policy.

The circular mentioned, “All COVID institutions/hospitals in the state, both government and private are hereby instructed to strictly adhere to this revised discharged policy.”

All Covid-19 positive cases shall be subjected to isolation and given treatment under home isolation at the dedicated hospitals or health centres both public and private. The updated policy mentioned for asymptomatic individuals, all of them will be periodically assessed fir temperature and pulse oximetry checks. 

The asymptomatic patients with no sign of symptoms while admitted will be discharged after a period of 10 days, and there would be no need for another RT-PCR/CBNAAT/True-NAT test prior to the discharge.

Regarding the mild and moderate ones, periodic check-ups pertaining to temperature and pulse oximetry will be conducted.

The admitted patient may be discharged based on the fulfillment of the following requirements, no fever or symptoms for the past three continuous days without medication with antipyretics.

For the severe cases, inclusive of immunocompromised, all of them shall be subjected to regular temperature and pulse oximetry checks. After complete clinical recovery, the patients will be discharged when no fever and any symptoms for three consecutive days.

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