Tourist bus disrupts a part Vijay Vitthala Temple in Hampi

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The traffic on the way to Vijaya Vitthala temple was disturbed for a while on Monday, as a tourist bus rammed into the mandapam, outside the monument. According to the prescribed guidelines, the large vehicles with tourists are not permitted to take the route. There were damages to both the bus along with the stone archway of the mandapam.

As per the report submitted, the route is strictly prohibited for the vehicles like tourist bus to pass, as an alternative route has been chosen for the larger vehicles to reach the temple. But, there are no personnel, from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to review the movement of vehicles.

A person from the scene revealed to the media, “The bus was stuck in the mandapam for nearly 20 minutes thence disrupting the traffic. The bus was apparently going to Hampi from Kamalapur. The incident occurred at 10 am and the driver was unaware of the damage the bus’s top suffered.”

They mentioned that neither the police nor the officials of ASI were not present at the site, though the damages were reported.

The Deputy Superintendent of the Surveillance Department responded to the media about not getting any calls informing about the damage.

The Group of Monuments at Hampi, a pilgrimage site for Hindus, is enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Karnataka. The Hampi remnants are over the 4,100 hectares and has been termed ‘austere, grandiose site’ by UNESCO.

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