Narendra Singh Tomar: Centre ready to amend the three farm laws

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Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar stated on Saturday the government’s decision to amend the three farm laws passed by Centre in September, for which thousands of farmers have been protesting along the national capital for over 100 days now. The farmers protest has been to demand repealing of the passed farm laws.

Tomar, while speaking at the fifth national convention of Agrivision said the government is ready to amend the laws, “to respect the sentiments of protesting farmers.” Though he emphasized that the reforms by the government were not having any deficiency, which h had earlier stated in Rajya Sabha.

He said the three farm laws can help the farmers to get more prices for their produce in the market and also enhance investment in the farm sector.

Tomar said, “No one is ready to talk on how these protests can be in the interest of farmers.”

While addressing the subject, Tomar lashed out at the Opposition parties for supporting the protests initiated by the farmers. He said, “There is a place for disagreement in democracy and so is for opposition and difference of opinion, but should there be any opposition that can harm the nation.”

The Supreme Court had stayed the enforcement of the laws and curated a committee for resolving the issue, where the government had agreed to suspend the laws for 18 months, however, the farmers have been firm with their demand to revoke the contentious laws.

As of now, eleven rounds of talks have been held between the Centre and the farmers unions’ leaders, but they all have been inconclusive. Though, as per the demands of the protesters for MSP, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the BJP government assured to stay the MSP system.

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