NASA to initiate the launch of nano satellite crafted by three Tamil Nadu students

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has made the choice to launch an endemic experimental satellite crafted by three students from Tamil Nadu which will be instituted in suborbital space.

As per the information given by The Hindu, the three students from Tamil Nadu are M Adnaan from Thanthonrimalai, M Kesavan from Nagampalli village and V Arun from Thennilai developed the satellite under the mentorship and guidance of Chennai-based Space Kids India.

The three students received Cubes in the global space competition which is an international competitive platform for the would-be space scientists organized by Idoodledu Inc in collaboration with NASA.

The students had started their research for the competition right from class 11 and started working on the design for the world’s smallest and lightest technology demonstrator satellite.

Indian Sat: Small-sized, with built in solar cells

 The satellite comprises of graphene polymer reinforced within, weighing 64 grams and 3 cm in size. The satellite, with the name, Indian Sat, is small in size, but would have its independent radio frequency communication for transmission and receiving signals between Earth and Outer space. For inherent power generation, the satellite is built with solar cells and the cosmic radiation will be measured and absorbed by the photographic film laced into the rocket. Indian Sat is scheduled to be launched into the sub-orbit in the month of June.

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