North Karnataka to keep the cinemas closed

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According to the Unlock 5 guidelines issued by the Centre, the state government had given the allowance to reopen the single screen cinema halls and multiplexes on Thursday. However, movie theatres in the North Karnataka region will be closed as per the joint decision of the film exhibitors.

Karnataka Film Exhibitors Federation (KFEF) has been involved in the move to refrain from film screenings till the government complies with their demand of changes in the renewal fees and others. The move has been supported by the 500 members of KFEF from the North Karnataka.

Rangangouda R. Odugouda, KFEF president, mentioned about the decision to be forced as the government had increased the renewal fees exponentially. The renewal fee was priorly ₹ 5000 on an annual basis and has been hiked to ₹ 1.25 lakh per year.

In the current operational system, the cinema owners have to mandatory pay to the film produces a non-refundable advance for which KFEF has been exempted.

Rangangouda iterated that there should be a “win-win” situation between the exhibitors and film producers for having the shows on the percentage basis.

Operations costs to rise with Covid-19 precautions

According to the advisory, the premises within the cinema has to be sanitized after every show, social distancing to be maintained, so the seating cuts down to 50 %. The safety protocols for Covid-19 will increase the maintenance charges of the cinemas.

Rangangouda reiterated on the demands to be fulfilled, or the exhibitors would continue to refrain from screening films.

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