PM Modi describes ‘Expansionism’ as mental disorder reflecting the 18th century thinking

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Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, at his address to the masses, said the whole world has been hit by troubles with expansionist forces, stated further that ‘expansionism’ is a mental disorder, thereby reflecting the 18th century thinking.

Pm Modi stated, “Today the whole world is troubled by expansionist forces, Expansionism is, in a way, a mental disorder and reflects the 18th century thinking.” He further iterated that India is leading towards having a strong voice against this thinking.

In his address to Rajasthan, PM Modi also spoke about the soldiers in Longewala in Jaisalmer, for celebration of Diwali with the security forces.

Modi said, “World now understands that this nation won’t compromise with its interests, not at any cost. This repute and stature of India is all due to your strength and valour. India is clearly presenting its opinions on international fora today because you have secured the nation.”

He added, “Today the strategy of India is clear. Today’s India believes in the policy of understanding and making others understand. But, if attempts are made to test us, the reply they receive is intense.”

Modi further emphasized the ‘New India’ saying India, today would kill terrorists and their leaders right in their houses. The members of the Armed Chant Forces chanted ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ along with Modi at Longewala in Jaisalmer.

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