Karnataka floods: Yediyurappa attempts to get more flood relief funds

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Karnataka Chief Minister, B S Yediyurappa revealed on Saturday that the BJP-led state government is making its best attempts to procure more additional funds from the Union Government as a relief package for the worst affected districts of the state.

The statement of Yediyurappa is released a day post the Centre granted an approval of Rs. 577.84 crore as a part of financial support to the state of Karnataka, backed by the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF).

While addressing the reporters, Yediyurappa said, “We will take more efforts to bring more funds.” It was his prompt answer to the question whether the relief funds allocated were enough or not.

The floods have affected particularly the regions of northern Karnataka, thrice in a span of three months, incurring a loss of Rs. 35,000 crores, as per the government sources.

When inquired regarding the discussion with JD(S) second-in-command and ex-chief minister H D Kumaraswamy, Yediyurappa responded the meeting was associated to the district cooperative bank in Mandya.

Yediyurappa said, “Kumaraswamy had come to meet me to discuss the district cooperative bank of Mandya. There was no other reason behind it.” Though, the chief minister did not reveal any intricate details about the subject of the meeting and the talks.

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