PM Modi launches multi-storeyed apartments for MPs in New Delhi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched the multi-storeyed flats for Members of Parliamen (MPs), and the building is being structured and designed at a location that is Dr BD Marg in New Delhi, by the mode of video conferencing.

At the inauguration ceremony, Lok Sabha speaker, Om Birla was also present alongside Modi. The project was initiated starting with the redevelopment of the eight bungalows at the location, which are more than 80 years old. The current plan is for construction of 76 flats at the place of the eight bungalows.

An official statement released by PMO stated the construction of the flats allocated for MPs were accomplished with the ultimate saving in the expenditure by 14 percent from the sanctioned amount and without any delay or extension in the time period, though it was anticipated due to Covid-19.

The PMO statement further contained the details regarding the type of construction and the strategies used. It consisted of green building initiatives, which includes utilization of bricks created from fly ash and construction and demolition waste. The windows would be double glazed for having thermal insulation and also making it energy efficient with the fittings of energy efficient LED Lights. The PMO statement also revealed about the apartments having occupancy based sensors devised for light control, air conditioners comprising of VRV system which would have lesser power usage, low flow fixtures intended for conservation of water, rainwater harvesting system and rooftop solar plant.

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