PM Modi on Mann ki Baat: Trust the vaccination process; appreciates doctors, CAs

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, while addressing the nation on the 78th episode monthly radio programme, said that there is still Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy in some parts of the country, which is dangerous. PM Modi said over 31 crore vaccine doses have been administered in the country so far.

PM Modi appealed to the citizens, “Vaccine hesitancy in some places is dangerous I have taken both doses. My mother is almost 100 years old. She has taken both vaccines too. Please do not believe any negative rumours relating to vaccines. Take the vaccine jab as soon as possible.”

PM Modi iterated the threat of Covid-19 still persists and the focus is on vaccination and adhering to the Covid-19 protocols.

Modi added, “Those who are spreading rumours on vaccines, let them be. We all will do our work and ensure people around us get vaccinated. I urge you all- trust science. Trust our scientists. So many people have taken the vaccine. Let us never believe on negative rumours relating to the vaccine.”

He said there are several villages that have completed 100 % vaccination for all the population above 18 years of age. “There is a Bandipura district in Kashmir that has achieved this target. Weyan village in Jammu and Kashmir has vaccinated every citizen above 18 years. They have successfully vaccinated their people.”

PM Modi, in a part of his address also spoke about doctors and chartered accountants, praising their efforts and contribution to the country. He said, “A few days from now, on July 1, we will celebrate National Doctors’ Day. This day is dedicated to the birth anniversary of the great doctor and statesman of the country, Dr. BC Roy. We are all grateful for the contribution of doctors during the Corona period. Our doctors have served us without caring about their lives. Therefore, this time National Doctors’ Day becomes even more special.”

Narendra Modi also mentioned Chartered Accountants Day, which is also celebrated on July 1. “A few years back, I had asked chartered accountants of the country for a gift of Indian audit firms of global level. Today, I want to remind them of this. Chartered accountants can play a very good and positive role in bringing transparency to the economy. I extend my best wishes to all chartered accountants and their family members.”

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