PM Modi to speak at a webinar over effective implementations of Budget provisions pertaining to Infrastructure

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing a webinar over a roadmap structure in the direction of effective implementation of the provisions of Union Budget 2021-22 for the Infrastructure development. Modi will be speaking at the webinar which will be attended by over 200 participants from various fields at 4pm on Tuesday.

The webinar will be attended by people from key financial institutions, funds, concessionaires, consultants and subject matter experts. The panelists will be highlighting the insights adhering to enhancing the quality of the infrastructure and fasten its development via advanced technology and attraction of greater investment for the domain.

The experts representing the infrastructure sector have given a warm welcome to the Union Budget presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman dated February 1, 2021. They believe that Sitharaman has made an attempt at revitalising the sector. During the speech, she had declared a 34 per cent raise in the capital expenditure of the sector which is inclusive of creation of Special development Financial Institutions to simplify the funding towards the infrastructure domain.

Post the webinar, there will be a couple of breakout sessions with discussion among senior officials representing various ministries and cross-sectional experts intending for compilation of the vision of the budget and draft an implementation roadmap.

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