August 17, 2022

Railways to realign Covid Care Centre Coaches for vegetable transportation

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The Covid Care Centre Coaches were formed by converting nearly 320 railway coaches, which will now be altered as directed by the authorities for the purpose of transporting goods like vegetables as they Care Coaches were not serving their purpose amid the pandemic.

The remodification would only need some minor work, said Ashok Kumar Verma, Bengaluru Divisional Railway Manager, while addressing the reporters over restarting the trains.

He further iterated on the planned analysis of railway operations from December 7 to 17, barring Sundays for 6 pairs of trains, which will aid in understanding the requirements and travel pattern, for further clarity and accordingly the decision will be taken for extended operations.

Verma said the passengers are given the allowance to travel on the six pairs of trains without reservation, but the already functional trains will continue to run on reservation. He said, “There is no plan to resume unreserved travel option on the other trains.”

The occupany on the running trains was found to be almost 100 per cent along the lines running from Bengaluru to Mysuru and Hubbali, he further added.

Regarding the halt station on the airport, which is being financed by Bangalore International Airport Limited, he responded that it will be functioning from the upcoming week, but did not dive into further details about individual trains. Verma stated, “There were three pairs of trains running on the section and we intend to double it.”

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