Rajnath Singh urges the ASEAN Defence Ministers to fight threats of bio-terrorism in the region

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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh directed the ASEAN Defence Ministers to continue to address threats of bio terrorism on Thursday when he indirectly broached about China. While addressing the ASEAN Defence Minister’s Meeting Plus (ADMM Plus) he said, “We also need to continue our efforts to address the threats of bio-terrorism, transnational trafficking and pandemic diseases. The support of the military establishments of our respective countries to their civilian law enforcement counterparts is important.”

Rajnath Singh indicated the emerging threats to the rules-based orders, cyber crimes, maritime security and terrorism are challenges that need to be addressed.

Singh further added, “Amid the current regional environment with visible strains, we appreciate the central role of ASEAN-led forums, including ADMM Plus in promoting dialogue and engagement towards a pluralistic, cooperative security order in Asia.

He further iterated on the collective achievements over the past decade in further advancing multilateral cooperation via strategic dialogue and practical security cooperation emphasizing on how the Covid-19 pandemic has altered the present conditions with many more obstacles to be overcome.

He said, “The challenge is, therefore, to make sure that the world economy moves on the path of recovery and when it does gather steam, to ensure that the recovery leaves noone behind.”

Rajnath Singh spoke about the evolving need to collaborate and collectively fight the pandemic pertaining to the medical research and vaccine availability. He said, “Since the virus does not respect national boundaries, the response to the pandemic also needs to be collective and collaborative. We are also aware of the efforts of our ASEAN friends in fighting this pandemic.” 

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