Restaurants in Bengaluru at a joint mission to feed the needy

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Some restaurants in Bengaluru have jointly embarked on a venture to feed the needy people by structured programme that will allow the restaurant visitors to gift a meal for those who require one amid the pandemic triggered economic crisis.

The Bruhat Bangalore Hotels Association (BBHA) and the Rotary Bangalore South Parade have initiated the community service programme called ‘Sanchigondu’ in association with Corona Warriors Banashankari.

BBHA President, P C Rao stated that the initiative is relatively new and is likely to expand further. He said, “So far, about 70 restaurants who serve South Indian food are participating. We hope more will join.”

BBHA has opened up the service for the people to purchase coupons that would support the homeless and economically backward classes of people in terms of providing food and beverages. Arun Adiga, owner of Vidyarthi Bhavan explained the procedure, “Many restaurants have a meal option… There are two coupons, one is for coffee or tea and the other is for lunch. Needy people can ask for Sanchigondu meals.”

The price of the meals would be less than 100 rupees as the initiative is in the first phase. The participating restaurants will have the ‘Sanchigondu’ board, and the project has been scheduled for the next two months and may get extended based on the positive response.

Some of the restaurants in the Sanchigondu initiative are Parkview, Paakashala, Srinidhi Sagar, Nandhana Palace, Chaitanya Veg. Gokul Veg, Rajathadri palace, Udipi Sri Krisna Bhavan, Vidyarthi Bhavan and Vasudev Adigas.

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