Scientists reveal about Covid-19 virus to evolve over years to render vaccine impotent

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As the new strains for the Covid-19 virus are being discovered in UK, scientists urge to be cautious and that it would take not just months but yeas for the virus to subject to the kind of evolution which will render the vaccines impotent.

The experts further iterated on averting any worries about the evolution of the virus as no single catastrophic mutation that will render the vaccine induced immunity useless.

“Some variants become more common in a population simply by luck, not because of the changes somehow supercharge the virus. But as it becomes more difficult for the pathogen to survive – because of vaccinations and growing immunity in human populations — researchers also expect the virus to gain useful mutations enabling it to spread more easily or to escape detection by the immunity system,” according to Analysis.

Jesse Bloom, an evolutionary biologist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle said, “It’s a real warning that we need to pay closer attention.”

He further added, “Certainly these mutations are going to spread, and, definitely, the scientific community — we need to monitor these mutations and we need to characterize which ones have effects.”

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