Wistron: ‘Violence won’t cause significant effect on the company’

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Wistron Corp, the Taiwanese contract manufacturing company for Apple Inc has given the statement about the recent violence in the Karnataka unit will not be the cause of any significant impact on the company.

On December 12, the workers at the Narsapura unit in Kolar district had created violence in the unit citing delay in the salary and no payment of overtime charges.

The firm told the Taiwan Stock Exchange, “Regarding the event at our Narsapura facility in India, the investigation which includes collaboration with related government authorities is ongoing, as well as related insurance claims. The company will work with our customer in terms of correcting issues and operation recovery.”

The firm further added, “As the Narsapura facility is a new operation and the shipment quantity is still small, the incident will not cause significant impact to Wistron.”

With respect to Apple Inc’s move of putting Wistron on probation, the company as iterated on the policies that Wistron will not have any remarks on the business arrangements with customers.

Earlier, on Saturday, Apple revealed about putting Wistron on probation and that no further business opportunities will be given to Wistron till they complete the corrective measures given to them, as per the elementary findings about Wistron violating the Supplier Code of Conduct and subsequently failing to implement appropriate working hour management processes.

Maintaining its side, Wistron announced on Saturday about sacking the Vice President taking care of the business operations in India.

Last week, Wistron released the statement the violence incident at the unit of Narsapura failed to cause any damage to the manufacturing equipment and warehouses. 

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