March 22, 2023

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Second round of Covid-19 Serosurvey commenced in Karnataka

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The second round of Covid-19 serosurvey for reviewing the status of Covid-19 across the state of Karnataka was initiated on January 25.

The survey is an aid to track the people who had infection earlier and for those people who have active SARS CoV-2. The survey will be conducted in the 30 districts of the state, which also includes 8 zones of BBMP, which adds up to 38 units overall.

Deliberating on the sample size, it will be 1,050 per unit and the overall sample size needed is 39,900. The population for the sample size would be adults with age 18 and above. But, the ones who have been prior participants of the survey, vaccinated individuals and the Covid-19 positive cases cannot be a part of the second serosurvey.

The study will be extended to 290 health centres and select population settings. The collection of data will be via an app designed exclusively for the study. There will be mapping of the samples through the ICMR Specimen Referral Forms for Covid-19.

For the second round of survey, Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) will not be conducted for the second round of survey, and RT-PCR will be used for all the participants with less or high incidence and risk factor.

The analysis of the data will be utilized for decision making at the district level to get the required response.

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