SII anticipates emergency approval of WHO for AstraZeneca’s Novavax Covid-19 vaccine

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The Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII) is waiting for the emergency approval to be granted by WHO at the earliest for Oxford University/AstraZeneca Coronavirus vaccine, which has been produced for low- and middle-income countries, revealed the chief executive of SII.

On Thursday, Adar Poonawalla told to Reuters, “The emergency use licensure from the WHO (World Health Organization) should be available and coming through in the next week or two, hopefully, because we have submitted everything.”

Poonawalla mentioned that his company will initiate hoarding millions of doses of the Covid-19 vaccine candidate Novovax from nearly the month of April. He said, “It will be upwards of 40-50 million doses per month is what we are trying to stockpile of the Novavax product.”

The CEO of SII further said a special purpose vehicle housing its pandemic-related products will be estimated to be at $12 billion to $13 billion.

He said, “We are in a unique position to be able to make so many different vaccines at a huge volume and capacity.” He further added, “For an investor to come in an at a $12-13 billion valuation, it will be a fantastic deal, leaving a lot of upside.”

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