December 7, 2022

Sudhakar gives a warning regarding separation of Health, Med Ed amid vaccination

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Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar, who is brooding about taken away the medical education portfolio gave a warning that separation of the two departments could hamper the Karnataka’s Covid-19 vaccination effort.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa appointed Sudhakar with the post of Minister for Health and Medical Education in October 2020. However, as Yediyurappa did reallocation of portfolios with rising discontent among the ministers, the profile of medical education was given to JC Madhuswamy.

Sudhakar, while addressing the reporters said, “Who will be in charge of vaccination now? It’s difficult for me to answer this question. I’ll talk to the CM.”

Sudhakar further added, “We’re in the process of Covid vaccination. Some 60-70 per cent district hospitals come under medical education and some others are under the health department. It’d help if the two departments are under a single command.”

Sudhakar indicated about the rising differences and coordination issues between both the departments till both the posts were given to him. Sudhakar said, “There were coordination issues due to the lack of a single command. In the entire country, health and medical education are together. It was not so here due to political reasons, but the CM had fixed it. I don’t know what he has in mind.”

Sudhakar iterated about the second wave of Covid-19 will be coming soon. He said, “t’s late in India. It’s not that it won’t come. Given this and the ongoing vaccination, the two departments need to work together so that citizens get the vaccine. There shouldn’t be any administrative flaws. This is my only concern.”

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