July 7, 2022

Sweden records four new cases of the new Covid variant discovered in UK

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Sweden registered four new cases of the new Covid-19 strain discovered in UK,
according to the country’s Public Health Agency said on Wednesday.
In a written statement, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said, “We always
expected to find further cases of this new virus strain. This shows that our extended
effort to analyze and handle the cases have been fruitful.”
Sweden had declared on December 21 an entry ban on returnees and arrivals from
Britain, though the Swedish citizens were exempted with the intent to cur the
contagion of the new strain. Sweden further took the step of barring travelers from
Denmark, where the cases of new strain were discovered.
On Saturday, a British Airways flight starting from London with 29 Swedes and four
Finns whose ultimate destination was Helsinki, arrived at Stockholm Arlanda Airport,
where the 33 passengers were not turned away and tested for Covid-19 and asked to
quarantine, according to the reports of Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.
On Wednesday, Mikael Damberg, Interior Minister had declared new revised
protocols which will commence from January 1 where the non-Swedish nationals
travelling from Britain will need to carry a Covid-19 negative test result which should
be within 72 hours of the travel. The protocols however cannot be imposed on
Swedish citizens as they cannot be legally stopped from entering their own country.

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