UNICEF says, Two billion Covid-19 vaccines for poor nations in 2021

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The UN children’s agency UNICEF revealed on Monday about nearly 2 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine candidates will be distributed and provided to the developing countries in 2021 was a “mammoth operation”, as world leaders assured for equitable distribution of vaccines.

UNICEF mentioned about its work engaging in 350 airlines and freight companies for delivering vaccines and 1 billion syringes for economically weaker countries which includes Burundi, Afghanistan, and Yemen, which was included in COVAX, an international Covid-19 vaccine allocation plan collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Etleva Kadilli, director of UNICEF’s Supply Division, officially stated, “This invaluable collaboration will go a long way to ensure that enough transport capacity is in place for this historic and mammoth operation.”

The COVAX initiative works with the objective of discouraging the government from keeping the Covid-19 vaccine to the country but give it to the most prioritized and the people who are at the highest risk.

During the G20 summit that was held in the weekend, the top 20 countries promised to assure the equitable circulation of Covid-19 vaccines, and drugs and tests, so the economically weaker countries are given the access. Kadilli stated, “We need all hands on deck as we get ready to deliver Covid-19 vaccine doses, syringes and more personal protective equipment to protect frontline workers around the globe.”

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