‘Will supply only to Centre’: Pfizer refused to provide vaccines directly to govt directly

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US-based Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer on Monday declared that it will supply the vaccines directly to the Central Government and supernatural organization for assistance in national vaccination programmes.

The company stated, “Allocation of doses and implementation plan within a country is a decision for local governments based on relevant health authority guidance.”

“Pfizer’s discussions with the Government of India are ongoing & we are hopeful to bring the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for use in the country,” he further added.

This has happened at a time when Pfizer had refused the move to supply vaccines directly to Delhi government led by Arvind Kejriwal. Along with Pfizer, Moderna also has refused to sell vaccines directly to the government.

Kejriwal said, “We have spoken to Pfizer and Moderna for vaccines, and both the companies have refused to sell vaccines directly to us. They have said that they will deal with the Government of India alone.”

He further added, “I appeal to the Centre to import vaccines and distribute them to the states. We have lost a lot of time. We need vaccines at war footing.”

On Sunday, Moderna turned down to supply vaccines directly to Punjab government after the request of Chief Minister of Capt. Amarinder Singh. In a single statement, Punjab government said, “One of a Covid vaccine manufacturer ‘Moderna’ has refused to send direct vaccination to Punjab government as according to their policy, they only deal with Government of India & not with any state govt or private parties, disclosed Nodal Officer for vaccination Mr Vikas Garg.”

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