World Rose Day – Changing the perspectives towards Cancer in the world

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 “Cancer is a dreadful disease” in general perception and it appears scary even in the primal stages. Also, Cancer comes with a lot of psychological impression about how the course of life will be affected, what will happen to the affected organs, how will the recovery happen, will it relapse and will he/she survive or not.

Thus, it is evidently clear that Cancer does a lot more to a person’s mind and mental health over what it does to the physical organs.

Why is ‘World Rose Day’ celebrated?

Every year September 22 is observed as ‘World Rose Day’ to increase the awareness worldwide about the prevention of cancer and about paying attention to cancer right at the early stages. The sooner it is detected and treated, it adds up to the lives of the patients. Another reason why it is celebrated is to make the lives of the people suffering from cancer a little better and to bring happiness in their lives.

It is thereby, celebrated in the memory of 12 year old Melinda Rose from Canada who was suffering with Askin’s tumour, a type of blood cancer. The doctors had anticipated her survival for mere two weeks. However, she managed to live for nearly six months, and her life journey of those months was completely filled up positivity and happiness. World Rose Day is about her inspiring journey of battling the disease and about many other cancer fighters in the world.

What happens in cancer?

Cancer, is basically, a tumour, an uncontrolled growth of abnormal type of cells in the body which might affect any part. The body loses the regular working mechanism when the old or unwanted cells donot shed off and further grow in large numbers causing tumour. The most common parts affected are bladder, stomach, lungs, breasts, colorectal, oesophagus, pancreas, head and neck, liver, uterine and also vastly affects skin and blood.

The treatment of the cancer chiefly depends on the stage of cancer, but chemotherapy is the most common form along with radiation and medication. So, then, it’s not just the cancerous cells that die, but chemotherapy also sheds of the hair, which creates another psychological impression. Their body becomes weaker in terms of inducing the immunity to fight harder.

How should the World Rose Day be celebrated?

Firstly, it is not just about a day, that we think about the mental health of the cancer patients. It has to be inherent and natural. So, the pity and sympathy that comes with cancer needs to stop right away. It is a dreadful disease, but, let’s remember a stronger mindset can overcome anything, let alone cancer.

It is important to spread positivity and happiness in the lives of the cancer patients. So, as human beings, when we come across fellow humans hit by cancer, let’s take a step to be their friends with them, talk to them more, laugh with them, tell them jokes and positive stories and raise awareness about the importance of curing it. Let’s change our perspective towards ‘cancer’ in the world by changing our own thought pattern and actions.

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